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A royal assignment for BKL's fleet of tower and mobile cranes.

The Munich full-service crane specialist in Linderhof Palace.

Munich, 8 January 2020 – Last autumn, two tower cranes from BKL's rental fleet, a 90 EC-B and a 32 TTR, completed their two-year assignment as part of the restoration work at Linderhof Palace. BKL subsequently sent an experienced team of crane operators and an LTM 1350-6.1 to disassemble the top-slewing crane above the palace roof. Moreover, to ensure that the 90 EC-B was removed quickly to keep disruptions to a minimum for visitors, the Munich crane specialists arranged the meticulously timed return transportation with an auxiliary crane, an 85-tonne-metre loader crane from BKL's fleet of over 600 tower and mobile cranes, and six trucks.

Presse photos (zip)

Origin of photo material: Willi Wilhelm / LIEBHERR

Press release

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