Sáez tower cranes to hire and buy at BKL.

If you're looking for a crane to provide reliable support on your construction site, BKL has various Sáez tower cranes in its rental pool, but the Spanish manufacturer's top-slewing and bottom-slewing cranes are also available to purchase. Our selection includes powerful top-slewing cranes from 130 to 400 tonne-metres, along with flexible luffing jib and self-erecting cranes of the new, Industry 4.0-ready Sáez generation.


Ready for the digital transformation of the construction site, the H 32 fast-erecting crane features a 32-metre radius, a maximum hook height of 21 metres and a maximum load capacity of 4 tonnes – optimal specifications for small to medium sites. The all-rounder in the new, Industry 4.0-compatible Sáez generation can lift 1 tonne at maximum reach and has a slewing radius of just 2.2 metres.

The 32-tonne-metre crane offers high-level convenience for assembly and operation. Easy handling is guaranteed for all your projects, thanks to its semi-automatic assembly, central lubrication system and standard slip ring body, while all drives are fitted with a frequency converter. The crane can be operated with axles by different manufacturers to ensure efficient transport. Are you looking for a crane in the Liebherr L1-32 or Potain Hub 32-27 class? The H 32 is exclusively available through BKL in Germany and Austria. Overview & data sheets


If you're in the market for a powerful top-slewing crane, BKL's lineup of Sáez tower cranes ranges from 130 to 400 tonne-metres and therefore around the same class as a Liebherr 71 EC-B 5 up to the Liebherr 470 EC-B. Moreover, the top-slewing cranes' clever design and flexible configuration allow for high hook heights with narrow tower diameters. Pre-assembled components ensure that work can start right away.

Sáez top-slewing cranes all deliver impressive results thanks to their excellent performance, first-class finish and easy handling with modular tower components. And they are up to the task. For over five years, our rental fleet has included Sáez top-slewing cranes, equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) and frequency converter drives. Why not see for yourself? Overview & data sheets


As we pride ourselves on finding the right crane solution for your construction site, our portfolio now also includes Sáez luffing jib cranes.

At bauma 2022 we presented the SLH 70.4, one of the world's first machines in its class. The SLH 70.4 is particularly useful on sites with several cranes, where space is limited: with a radius of just 4 metres, the top-slewing crane adapts to the smallest area due to its adjustable jib. This avoids having to swing over neighbouring properties. Thanks to its tower variants measuring 1.35 or 1.70 metres, it is ideal for city-centre projects – even fitting into narrow lift shafts. Two different interior climbing systems enable the luffing jib crane to grow alongside the building.

For lifts requiring a greater hook height, radius or load capacity, the larger luffing jib SLH 205 is second to none. Overview & data sheets


Self-erecting cranes
Type of crane Radius in mHook height in mMax. load capacity in t
H 32 DR 4T32214
HT 474726.1 - 40.56

Top-slewing cranes
Type of crane Radius in mHook height in mMax. load capacity in t
TLS 60 14 - K/E 6056.46
TLS 65 10T SR 6549.310
TLS 75 14T SR7584.814
TLS 80 20T8093.420

Luffing jib cranes
Type of crane Radius in mHook height in mMax. load capacity in t
SLH 70.43571.44
SLH 2055599.6510


BKL customers benefit not just from the large range of Sáez tower cranes to hire or buy, but naturally also from the full services we provide on every aspect of the machines. Whether you need technical training, assembly, transport or repairs with our rapid spare parts service, we'll take care of every aspect of your construction project.


BKL and Grúas Sáez have equally high standards, not just when it comes to machines and state-of-the-art technology, but also in terms of their corporate culture. Both Sáez and BKL are family-owned businesses in their second generation with impressive track records of over 50 years as full-service providers in their respective fields. Sáez is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tower cranes. The brand is represented by an extensive network of dealerships in more than 30 countries.

Sáez CEO Laura Canovas Sáez and Alexander Volz, owner and chairman of the Advisory Board of BKL, signed the contract in February 2022. The two partners sealed their collaboration in Murcia in the south-east of Spain, where Grúas Sáez is headquartered.


One of Europe's largest, most state-of-the-art rental fleets now offers 500 top-slewing and self-erecting cranes: find out more about our construction cranes and associated services or browse our selection of new and used tower cranes for sale.

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