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Hire the most suitable crane for your project at any time. We permanently broaden our crane park by new cranes and modern technology - for example:

» Three new trucks expand the fleet of BKL Munich.

» New arrival at BKL Munich: The PK 42002-SH D loading crane on vehicle.

» All-terrain loading crane: BKL Rosenheim with new PK 78002-SH on all-wheel vehicle with 21 tonnes maximum load capacity.

You are interested in our new arrivals? Please contact us: or 0800 997 1200. crane finder


Our range of crane parts and services is also growing steadily.

New for you to hire: our assembly and crane platform with 20 tonnes maximum load capacity. With dimensions of 2.9 metres wide and 5.5 metres long, the heavy-duty platform specially made for BKL is ideally suited, for example, for machine insertion - and other various construction and industrial applications. PARTS AND ACCESSORIES

The best lift of the year: BKL wins IC TopLift 2020.

In the voting, the BKL crane operation at Linderhof Castle collected the most votes and prevailed against strong competition.
No surprise, because BKL showed full crane service on this special project: for the renovation of the royal castle in the Bavarian Alps, the experts from the tower crane hire company in Munich provided a 90 EC-B for lifting the façade parts as well as an all-terrain fast-erecting crane that was also able to cope with the slope. After completing the work, the team dismantled the top slewing crane in record time using an LTM 1350-6.1 mobile crane across the castle. To finish the job at the monument as quickly as possible, the crane specialists used a PK92002-SH as an auxiliary crane and several BKL trucks.
The vote was conducted by the international trade magazine "International Cranes and Specialized Transport".

Further information:
Report in the International Cranes and Specialised Transport magazine

Image Source: Willi Wilhelm / LIEBHERR
Job report


For an unforgettable musical performance in a height of around 60 metres in January, thinking out of the box was in demand for the Munich mobile crane scheduling department. The special thing about it: At the music performance "Piano Vertical" the Swiss artist Alain Roche combines the soft strains of the piano with the harsh sounds of construction - while he and his instrument are suspended vertically under a moving crane.

The project posed two challenges for BKL's crane experts: overcoming obstacles almost 55 metres high, while ensuring maximum safety, including insurance.
The BKL team's solution was to use an MK 140. Configured with 9 tonnes of additional ballast and 45° angle position, the mobile construction crane achieved the radius of 40 metres and the hook height of 75.5 metres required to lift the artist and his specially adapted piano over the 33 and 54.1-metre buildings.

As BKL was the only crane supplier able to meet the high safety standards of the project, the contract was awarded without further ado. There was just one request from the Whitebox organisers that the team did not fulfil: for safety reasons, the artist was not lifted over the audience, who were sat in deckchairs and equipped with headphones. Nonetheless, with consummate skill, the BKL crane operator still managed to achieve the planned "thrill factor": by slowly swinging Alain Roche right in front of the spectators, he allowed them to get as close to the recital as possible.

Technical drawing (Piano Vertical/ Copyright Alain Roche).

BKL Crane:
Mobile construction crane MK 140

Image source:
Ivana Bilz/ Festival Out Of The Box 2020
Ralf Dombrowski/ Festival Out Of The Box 2020



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