BKL System Cattaneo.

Self-erecting cranes that are exclusive to BKL.

Are you looking for a self-erecting crane to provide reliable support in handling the daily challenges of the building site? The BKL System Cattaneo comprises eight high-performance, robust, self-erecting cranes that deliver impressive results with low investment amounts and longevity.

Whether you need a mobile roofing crane or stationary hydraulic crane, the different types of crane with a radius of 22 to 41 metres, hook heights of up to 31.5 metres and up to 5 tonnes load capacity are sure to include the optimal self-erecting crane for your lift. At BKL, we also keep things simple if you are purchasing a new self-erecting crane: the new cranes in the BKL System Cattaneo are offered at an all-inclusive fixed rate. In other words, the price includes basic equipment, BKL's 5-year quality warranty and extensive range of services. Want to find out more? Just keep reading to discover the additional advantages of our self-erecting cranes.

Première: CM 415 in the 60 tonne-metre category.

As a bauma 2019 exclusive, the new CM 415 is taking the BKL System Cattaneo to new heights. Without the need for additional climbing tower sections, the fast-erecting crane offers three hook heights of 23.8 metres, 28.5 metres and 31.5 metres, thereby adapting perfectly to your individual onsite situation. With a maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes, it can still lift 1.25 tonnes at its radius of 41 metres. Combined with its short slewing radius of just 2.5 and 3.2 metres respectively, this makes it the ideal crane for your projects, e.g. medium-sized residential complexes.


Save time and cut the costs of erection and lift. Thanks to its hydraulic assembly and space-saving folding system, your BKL System Cattaneo self-erecting crane is ready to go in no time at all. The 2-fall technology enables a higher handling rate as our hydraulic fast-erecting cranes automatically lift with maximum drive speed, depending on the load on the hook. With regard to power requirements, modern frequency converters mean they are economical in all three drive systems, thereby helping save electricity costs.


In terms of design, Cattaneo places emphasis on functional reliability. As the hydraulic fast-erecting cranes are fitted with a frequency converter system and 2-fall technology, the machines have all they need. Additional technical features have been deliberately dispensed with, making your self-erecting crane robust and easy to service. The control cabinet contains relays and circuit breakers, and all limit switches are easy to access.


Quick deployment on site – quick transport to the site: sophisticated, cost-effective axle systems mobilise your self-erecting crane. With the best-fit solution for the job in hand – 25 km/h low-speed axles, 80 km/h high-speed axles and adapters for different makes of axle systems are available for all BKL System Cattaneo cranes.

Repairs, Maintenance & Parts.

Should the crane ever grind to a halt, it needs repairing without delay. Once again, you can rely on us and the BKL System Cattaneo. Thanks to their simple construction, you will probably be able to rectify the fault yourself. If you wish, we can train your personnel to troubleshoot – and erect the cranes, too.

Moreover, our BKL Service Team is always on call, both over the phone and on site. Our in-house BKL spare parts depots and range of accessories ensure short delivery times. Plus, maintenance and service are straightforward as all drives and limit switches are located on or near the slewing platform.

Our service: simply good. Guaranteed.

After more than 20 years' experience, the functional reliability and quality of Cattaneo self-erecting cranes never cease to amaze us. Prepare to be impressed. We offer our 5-year BKL quality warranty on every new crane. Why not see for yourself just how the BKL System Cattaneo makes light work of your lifts?
BKL Quality Warranty 5 Years

The advantages of purchasing the BKL System Cattaneo:

  • » All-inclusive fixed price from €69,000 plus VAT.
  • » 5-year BKL quality warranty
  • » Extensive standard equipment
  • » 4 support pyramids
  • » Remote control (either HBC or Abitron)
  • » Basic tools
  • » Delivery and initial assembly included in Germany and Austria, other countries by arrangement.
  • » Instruction of your personnel and handover by BKL staff
  • » Support in finding a financing partner on request

The best-fit radius, hook height and lifting capacity for every job:

Stationary self-erecting cranes:
Type of craneRadius in mHook height in mMaximum load capacity in t
CM 4154131.55
CM 90S441254
CM 3713724.24
CM 82S433214
CM 74S430232.5
CM 280S128232.5

Mobile self-erecting cranes:
Type of craneRadius in mHook height in mMaximum load capacity in t
CM 271S12720,22,5
CM 2212217,31,8

Concise and compact: all documents for download.

All data sheets of BKL System Cattaneo self-erecting cranes can also be found at our download centre.


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