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BKL System Cattaneo self-erecting cranes.

Are you looking for a fast-erecting crane to provide reliable support in handling the daily challenges on the construction site? The BKL System Cattaneo comprises six high-performance, robust, bottom-slewing cranes to ensure your lift goes without a hitch.

From a mobile roofing crane to a stationary hydraulic crane, you are sure to find the optimal fast-erecting crane for your project among the different types available with a radius of 22 to 41 metres, hook heights of up to 31.5 metres and up to 5 tonnes load capacity. We also keep things simple if you're looking to buy. The new cranes in the BKL System Cattaneo are offered at an all-inclusive fixed rate, with everything you need to get started.

Efficient on every level.

Want to find out more? Here are the advantages of our self-erecting cranes:

  • » Operational in next to no time: quick and easy to assemble.
  • » Reliable and easy to service: robust, durable, no electronics on the jib.
  • » Ideal for use in confined spaces: compact, with a space-saving folding system.
  • » Highly mobile: compatible axle systems for all types of crane.
  • » Energy-efficient: low connected power thanks to frequency converter control.
  • » Quick repairs: spare parts in stock, 24-hour emergency service (in Germany).
  • » CE conformity: in accordance with EU Directives.
  • » Excellent value for money: modern drive systems, low investment costs.

CM 350: World debut and ready for the digital transformation.

At bauma 2022, the Industry 4.0-ready CM 350 is making its world debut, taking the next step in the evolution of the BKL System Cattaneo.

With a 35-metre radius, hook height of 23.3 metres and maximum load capacity of 4 tonnes, the workhorse with eco mode is the upgraded version of the tried-and-tested CM 82S4 and CM 300 machines. The CM 350 is equipped with 2-fall technology and is easy to set up, thanks to its hydraulic assembly and space-saving folding system. Are you interested in a fast-erecting crane in the class of a Liebherr 42 K.1 or Potain Hub 40-30? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. Data sheet

CM 415: the lattice tower crane in the 60 tonne-metre category.

The flexible climbing champion: the versatile CM 415 lattice boom crane offers a maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes and a telescopic tower with three hook heights (23.8 / 28.5 / 31.5 metres). There is no need for additional climbing tower sections, making the crane quick and easy to assemble.

If you're looking for a crane with the lifting power of the Potain Hup 40-30, Igo 50, Liebherr 53K or higher, have you considered the CM 415? With a maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes, the bottom-slewing crane can still lift 1.25 tonnes at its radius of 41 metres. Thanks to its short slewing radius of just 2.5 and 3.2 metres respectively, this is the ideal crane for your projects, for example medium-sized residential complexes. Data sheet

Stationary self-erecting cranes with a radius of up to 41 metres.

With a radius of 28 to 41 metres, hook heights of up to 25 metres and up to 4 tonnes load capacity, the BKL System Cattaneo comprises three tried-and-tested, robust, hydraulic fast-erecting cranes – optimal for a single house or small residential complexes.

In the over 30-metre radius category, which includes the Potain Igo 32 and the Liebherr 34K up to Liebherr 53K, it's worth taking a look at the CM 350, the CM 300 and the CM90S4, for example.

No matter which crane type you choose, all three will save you time and money in terms of installation and lifts. With their hydraulic assembly and space-saving folding system, the BKL System Cattaneo self-erecting cranes are raring to go in next to no time. The 2-fall technology of the hydraulic cranes enables a higher handling rate as they automatically lift with maximum drive speed, depending on the load on the hook. Overview & data sheets

Mobile roofing cranes with a radius of up to 27 metres.

Get started right away. The mobile fast-erecting cranes with a radius of 22 or 27 metres were developed especially for carpenters and roofers. To ensure rapid relocation from one construction site to the next, the cranes are fitted with an integral 25 km/h axle as standard. The CM 221A and the CM 271S1 are also available with an optional 80 km/h high-speed axle.

With their hydraulic assembly, space-saving folding system and hydraulic support, the roofing cranes can be installed quickly and easily, ready for action. The 2-fall technology of the hydraulic cranes enables a higher handling rate. And if no power connection is available, the carpenter cranes also work with 230 V as an option. Simply plug your mobile fast-erecting crane into the mains supply - and off you go. For information on features and performance data in optional operation with mains power, please contact us for further consultation.

Check out the CM 271S1 and the CM 221A if you're looking for a fast-erecting tower crane in the same class as the Liebherr 13 HM through 22 HM, Liebherr L1 24 or the Potain Igo M14: Overview & data sheets

Transport systems.

On site straight away: compatible undercarriages are available with a low-speed axle (25 km/h) or a high-speed axle (80 km/h) for all crane types in the BKL System Cattaneo. Drawbar, hitching device or fifth wheel coupling? We're happy to help you find the right transport system for your fast-erecting crane. Get in touch

Hire or purchase – the choice is yours.

All BKL System Cattaneo self-erecting cranes are available to hire from our fleet or to purchase.
Why not see for yourself just how easy the BKL System Cattaneo makes your lifting projects? Test your Cattaneo fast-erecting crane by renting it for up to six months before buying it, with the rental payments taken into account on a pro-rata basis.

The advantages of purchasing.

No additional costs – BKL offers all cranes at an attractive, all-inclusive price starting at 79,000 EUR plus VAT. The purchase price includes:

  • » Support pyramids
  • » Autec remote control
  • » Cable remote control
  • » Reinforced concrete counterweight
  • » BKL's 3-year quality warranty
  • » Delivery, initial assembly and training (within Germany).
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Our service: simply good. Guaranteed.

Part of BKL's rental fleet for almost 30 years, the Cattaneo cranes have proven extremely reliable. Therefore, every new crane comes with BKL's 3-year quality warranty, which is included in the fixed price.
3-year BKL quality warranty for new cranes from the BKL System Cattaneo

Crane repairs, maintenance & parts.

Should your crane ever come to a standstill, it needs repairing without delay. Once again, you can rely on us and the BKL System Cattaneo. Thanks to their simple construction, you will probably be able to find the cause and repair the fault yourself. If you wish, we can train your personnel too.

Moreover, our BKL service team is always on call, both over the phone and on site. Our in-house BKL spare parts depots and range of accessories ensure short delivery times. Plus, crane maintenance and service are straightforward as all drives and limit switches are located on or near the slewing platform.

The best-fit radius, hook height and lifting capacity for every job:

Stationary self-erecting cranes:
Type of craneRadius in mHook height in mMaximum load capacity in t
CM 4154131.55
CM 90S441254
CM 3503523,34
CM 30030233

Mobile self-erecting cranes:
Type of craneRadius in mHook height in mMaximum load capacity in t
CM 271S12720.22.5
CM 221A2217.31.8

Clear and compact: all documents are available to download.

Download the warranty conditions and data sheets of the Cattaneo self-erecting cranes.

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