Cranes for sale – with BKL's independent consultation service.

Are you interested in a crane for sale? Then you are in the best hands at BKL: we have new tower cranes, parts and accessories, and nearly new, used tower, mobile construction and all terrain mobile cranes for sale, even available at short notice. But we offer so much more. Like manufacturer-independent, expert advice, a strong service partner, demonstration cranes from Liebherr or Potain and the exclusive distributor of the BKL System Cattaneo and Comansa brands. After all, we appreciate that what counts with this type of investment is quality, a wide selection and plenty of experience. Just get in touch with your personal BKL lift contact if you are interested in one of the cranes for sale.

Needless to say, you can rely on our consulting and logistics support when purchasing your crane. Therefore, our sales team has the right crane solution for your lift project – no matter where you are in Europe. Once you have made your decision, we take care of transportation and erection. Professional delivery of the crane and training your operatives are part and parcel of our service.
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Are you looking for a used crane?

Our crane market presents a selection of nearly new, pre-owned tower and mobile cranes, construction crane accessories and demonstration cranes from the top manufacturers in Europe.

The advantages of buying a crane with BKL:

  • » New and demonstration cranes from the top European manufacturers
  • » (Nearly new) used cranes from BKL's hire fleet – also available at short notice
  • » Manufacturer-independent, expert advice
  • » Matching parts and accessories
  • » After sales service: from crane erection through to maintenance
  • » Test hire with a purchase option
  • » Optional purchase from the hire contract
  • » Delivery abroad
  • » Support in finding a financing partner

Crane Finder.

The crane finder calculates the suitable cranes for your job in terms of radius, lifting capacity and hook height. Or just use the search function if you are looking for a specific type of crane or accessory.

  • » Discover our hire fleet and the various types of pre-owned cranes
  • » Tower cranes from Comansa, Liebherr, Potain, Wolffkran and Cattaneo
  • » All terrain mobile cranes from Liebherr, Tadano Faun, Grove and Terex
  • » Mobile construction cranes from Liebherr and Spierings

New self-erecting cranes with BKL's 5-year quality warranty.

You are looking for a self-erecting crane that is reliable, high-performing and, above all, easy to handle? The BKL System Cattaneo presents eight types of crane that deliver impressive results with low investment amounts and longevity. Want to find out more? Click here for information on the additional advantages. BKL System Cattaneo

The flat-top crane with extra high performance.

Our flat-top cranes from Comansa offer maximum lifting capacity at unbelievably low prices. With cranes ranging from 90 to 1000 metric tonnes, we have the solution in every performance class. Discover the largest crane in our hire fleet and other advantages: Comansa cranes


Browse through our large selection of new and pre-owned components for your construction crane and read about our parts service for cranes from the top manufacturers in Europe.


All prices quoted are ex BKL depot and do not include VAT. Subject to prior sale and change without notice.

Tower cranes: top-slewing cranes
Type ManufacturerYOMRadius in mHook height in mLoad capacity at jib end in kgMaximum load in kg MiscellaneousPrice in €
160 EC-B 6Liebherr200765302.0006.000Litronic265.000Enquiry
11 LC 160 8Comansa201465301.4008.0002/4 fall, remote control, base ballast231.000Enquiry
16 LC 260Comansa201270392.15012.0002/4 fall, base ballast220.000Enquiry
21 LC 750Comansa201480806.50048.0002/4 fall, base ballastOn requestEnquiry

All top-slewing cranes are sold with counterweight and central ballast, where required by the base.

Tower cranes: self-erecting cranes
TypeManufacturerYOMRadius in mHook height in mLoad capacity at jib end in kgMaximum load in kg MiscellaneousPrice in €
CM 221BKL System Cattaneo201822176001.8002 fall, 80 km/h, remote control,ballast73.000Enquiry
CM 271BKL System Cattaneo201427217002.2002 fall, 80 km/h, remote control,ballast80.000Enquiry
CM 271S1BKL System Cattaneo201827217002.5002 fall, 80 km/h, remote control ballast102.000Enquiry
CM 280S1BKL System Cattaneo201228219002.5002 fall, Remote control, ballast45.000Enquiry
CM 74S4BKL System Cattaneo201230231.0002.5002 fall, remote control, ballast47.500Enquiry
32 TTLiebherr200530241.1004.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast40.000Enquiry
CM 82S4BKL System Cattaneo201633214.0001.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast77.000Enquiry
34 KLiebherr201833204.0001.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast115.000Enquiry
34 KLiebherr201933204.0001.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast119.000Enquiry
CM 370BKL System Cattaneo201237231.0004.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast70.000Enquiry
CM 371BKL System Cattaneo201937241.0004.0002 fall, Remote control, ballast109.900Enquiry
CM 90S4BKL System Cattaneo201241251.0004.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast80.000Enquiry
CM 90S4BKL System Cattaneo201941251.0004.0002 fall, Remote control, ballast121.000Enquiry
42 K.1Liebherr201336201.1004.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast98.000Enquiry
65 KLiebherr134022,614004.5002 fall, Remote control, ballast155.000Enquiry
IGO T85Potain200845231.2506.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast120.000Enquiry
71 KLiebherr200745231.2006.0002/4 fall, Remote control, ballast120.000Enquiry
81 KLiebherr201045261.4006.0002 fall, Remote control, ballast171.000Enquiry

All self-erecting cranes are fitted with a remote control and counterweight. Pre-owned BKL System Cattaneo cranes include the remaining period under the 5-year BKL quality warranty.

All terrain mobile cranes and mobile construction cranes
TypeManufacturerYOMRadius in mHook height in mTonnage in tMaximum load in tMiscellaneousPrice in €
LTF 1045-4.1Liebherr2016354545Folding jib 9,5mOn requestEnquiry
LTM 1055-3.2Liebherr2015405655Double folding jib 19mOn requestEnquiry
LTM 1070-4.2Liebherr2015506870Double folding jib 19mOn requestEnquiry
LTM 1090-4.1Liebherr2016606890Double folding jib 16mOn requestEnquiry
LTM1095-5.1Liebherr2016587795Double folding jib 19mOn requestEnquiry
LTM 1100-4.2Liebherr20166078100Double folding jib 19mOn requestEnquiry
LTM 1160-5.2Liebherr20156280160Double folding jib 19mOn requestEnquiry

TypeManufacturerYOMDescriptionMiscellaneousPrice in €
LV7010Orlaco2018Load view camera telescope crane Data transfer wireless4.100Enquiry
LV7030Orlaco2018Load view camera tower crane Data transfer wireless5.300Enquiry
LV7050Orlaco2018Load view camera lattic boom craneData transfer by wire3.700Enquiry
RV7520Orlaco2018Reverse cameraData transfer by wire1.200Enquiry
WV7200Orlaco2018Winch cameraData transfer by wire1.200Enquiry
HD-6-2LAbitron2018wireless remote control for construction cranewireless remote control for construction crane1.800Enquiry


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