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BKL Frankfurt's mobile crane Grove GMK6400 successfully realized 35-ton hoisting for the construction of a heat storate system.

BKL fits the cover on the storage tank.
For the construction of a heat storage system on the Ingelheimer Aue between Wiesbaden and Mainz the Frankfurt specialists used a powerful Grove GMK 6400. The AT crane had to lift the 35-ton cover, with a diameter of about 12 m., onto the 36 metre storage tank. With the challanging lifting, the 6-axle crane, with a lifting capacity of 400 t and added MegaWingLiftTM, demonstrated its full potential, without taking as much of a footprint as a large crane. The 35-ton cover hovered in the air and due to the skill of the experienced BKL crane operator the huge cover could be placed in the exact predetermined position within a very short time.

Innovative System for district heating.
In order to ensure the supply of environmentally friendly district heating to the citizens of Mainz, Germany, a power plant will be built on the compound of Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG (KMW AG), that will produce heat and electricity from natural gas. The new heat storage system should also help make optimal, energy-efficient use of the generated heat waste. The water tanks can store the hot water, generated during electricity production for several days and if required, deliver it to the district heating Network. The construction project has an Investment volume of more than 100 Million euros. The commissioned construction company hired BKL to erect the heat storage tanks.

BKL cranes:
Mobile crane GMK 6400

Origin of photo material: © Boris Golz Fotografie GmbH, 2019
Grove GMK 6400

© Boris Golz Fotografie GmbH, 2019

Take of heat system cover

© Boris Golz Fotografie GmbH, 2019

Lift of heat system cover

© Boris Golz Fotografie GmbH, 2019

Lift of heat system cover

© Boris Golz Fotografie GmbH, 2019


Besides two new GMK 5150L, BKL provides a real innovation in its mobile crane fleet in Frankfurt, as the GMK 5250XL-1 is the first crane of this type in Germany.
The team deployed the 250-tonne crane at construction site, directly after taking over in the factory in Wilhelmshaven: For the new construction of the Schierstein Bridge, that spans with 1,280 m the river Rhein, the mobile crane supported the installation of motorway bridge sections at the A643, that links Mainz and Wiesbaden. With 78.5 metre main boom and a load-bearing capacity of 9.3 tonnes the five-axle mobile crane was the "first cast" for the lifting job.

BKL cranes:
Mobile crane GMK 5250XL-1

Manitowoc press release

Image source: Manitowoc Cranes


Hire the most suitable crane for your project at any time. We permanently broaden our crane park by new cranes and modern technology - for example:

» The latest mobile crane in Munich: LTM 1090-4.2.
» Drop-centre trailer for special transports up to 27 m of length, 67,5 t weight and 3,70 m load height: Goldhofer STZ-VL 3 A.

Besides: Find these and more than 100 additional mobile cranes in Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Rosenheim, Hannover and Hildesheim.

Are you interested in our new arrivals?
Please contact us at: or 0800 997 1200. CRANE FINDER

BKL at DACH+HOLZ in Stuttgart.

From 28th to 31st January 2020, BKL presented itself with a booth in the outdoor area FG 7.02 of the Stuttgart Exhibition Center.

Along for the ride was a 22-meter self-erecting crane from the BKL System Cattaneo for crane sales, which was specially developed for the needs of carpenters and roofers.
BKL presented their visitors even more attractive purchase and rental offers on self-erecting and top-slewing cranes from different manufacturers.
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400-tonne mobile crane in action for more environmentally friendly district heating.

A mobile crane from BKL Frankfurt played a major role in the construction of a heat storage system in Mainz, as the GMK 6400 implemented the demanding heavy lifting when building a storage tank. The mobile crane placed the cover, a 35-tonne component, on the 36-m-high special container.

BKL crane:
Mobile crane GMK 6400

Image source: © Boris Golz Fotografie GmbH, 2019
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A royal assignment for BKL's fleet of Tower and mobile cranes.

BKL's ingenious Tower crane solution to renovate the facade.
Linderhof is said to have been a favourite castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Surrounded by a magnificent landscape park in the Bavarian Alps, the palace attracts many visitors every year. The extensive mountainous terrain presented a challenge for the crane concept as the sloping site virtually ruled out a standard tower crane assembly. The crane experts therefore opted for a special tower crane combination from BKL's rental fleet. A 90 EC-B with a hook height of 40 metres, a 50-metre radius and a maximum load capacity of 6 tonnes was installed directly behind the Castle to lift the elements, weighing up to 3 tonnes each. For the second crane, the crane specialists deployed a 32 TTR with a hook height of 24 metres, a 30-metre radius and a maximum load of 4 tonnes. Its crawler chassis makes the self-erecting crane suitable for all terrains, enabling it to be set up at the slope.

Full BKL service and teamwork for the disassembly with an LTM 1350-6.1.
Once the renovation work was completed, the mobile crane team from BKL Munich dismantled the top-slewing crane with a Liebherr LTM 1350-6.1 mobile crane, as the most cost-effective alternative. The conditions at site meant, that the mobile crane had to be positioned in front of the palace, while the tower crane, that needed disassembling was behind the building. Therefore, the 350-tonne giant was specially modified to achieve the necessary hook height of 55 metres with a 40-metre radius. In order to lift the required 8.5 tonnes of maximum load, the crane specialists configured the mobile crane with 70 tonnes of ballast, a Y-telescopic boom guying system and a 12-metre extension on the main boom. The auxiliary crane was an 85-tonne-metre loader crane PK 92002-SH, which speeded up the process thanks to its small space requirement and short set-up time.
To avoid disrupting visitors to the palace as far as possible, the project planning, mobile crane and trucks had to be closely coordinated. BKL's highly trained team completed the disassembly and the whole return transport of the cranes in a single day.

BKL cranes:
Top-slewing crane LH 90 EC-B
Fast-erecting crane LH 32TTR
Mobile crane LTM 1350-6.1
Loader crane PK 92002-SH

Origin of photo material: Willi Wilhelm / LIEBHERR PHOTO GALLERY AND JOB REPORT
Tower crane disassembly beyond the castle
The 350-tonne mobile crane lifts down the jib.
Royal scenery at Linderhof castle.
The highly trained BKL team dismantles the top-slewing crane seasoned.
LTM 1350-6.1 with Y-telescopic boom and main boom extension.
Royal assignment at Linderhof castle.


Flying high again: At our booth in the outdoor area south we presented the brand new fast-erecting crane CM 415, that, with adjustable hook heights and 5 tons maximum load, extends the BKL System Cattaneo upwards. Together with Comansa we also exhibited the flat-top crane 21LC1050, which is now available for rent in the BKL hire fleet.
More highlights from mobile cranes to our "Working hero by bauma"-Video, which attended a team of BKL, with the assembly of a tower crane and everything around bauma 2019 you can find on our Bauma page.

We appreciate your business, see you soon!
Your BKL Team. More highlights on the BKL Bauma page To the video
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Frost protection for King Ludwig II’s palace garden, Chiemsee, Bavaria.

Every autumn the park next to this magnificent building on the island in Chiemsee is made ready for winter. A LTM 1060-3.1 owned by BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH in Munich was driven to the largest of the Bavarian lakes with the job of hoisting large scaffold hoods over fountains, some of which are enormous, to protect them from frost. The mobile crane rolled onto the cargo ferry, which safely transported the crane to Herreninsel.
Since the mobile crane had to be assembled outside the giant drained water basins, a radius of 24 metres was required to erect the scaffold elements, which weighed over two tonnes. The driver had extended the boom on his mobile crane to 45 metres for this purpose to lower the loads over the fountains, measuring up to 13 metres in height. This required the crane control system to execute manoeuvres with millimetre precision as the scaffold components had to be positioned from a suspended position on the elements which had already been installed and then connected to them.

BKL crane:
LTM 1060-3.1

Press release by Liebherr
Current issues

BKL mobile cranes on a special mission

Munich, May 2019 – Our mobile cranes are in high demand at the beginning of May when the maypoles are raised in Bavaria.

A LTM 1060-4.1 of BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH secures the raising of a maypole, nearby Munich (Germany). The crane works with a 45m mast and 5.5 tonnes of ballast.


January 2019 - rent mobile cranes and call on our transport and logistics services in Hildesheim now. With the expansion, the crane brand BKL extends its complete product and service range in the north.

Our team in Hildesheim is looking forward to your project: or +49 5121 93 13-0.
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September 2018, BKL Frankfurt installs power poles for the overhead wiring of the test track for trucks.

As part of the joint project ELISA "Electrified, innovative heavy-duty traffic on motorways", the first german test track for trucks with current collector is established in Hessen. BKL Frankfurt received the order for the assembly of a part of the 231 power poles. A particular challenge were the space conditions at the operating site. In order to prevent the closure of a lane, the crane specialists used the narrow hard shoulder next to the motorway and provided a loader crane instead of a mobile crane, which scores with a lower supporting width and does not swing over the vehicle and thus out into the motorway. The team also transported the masts for the overhead wiring of the test track, which are between 13 and 14 metres long, from the storage place to the construction site.

BKL Cranes: PK 92002 SH on MAN TGS 35.500

Job report by Palfinger


September 2018 - at the open-air area north, booth N228, we presented from September 5th to 9th, the 27-metre self-erecting crane CM 271S1 and the stationary 41-metre crane CM 90S4 from the BKL System Cattaneo to our guests. Further attractive purchase and rental offers for self-erecting and top-slewing cranes of various manufacturers were provided.

Pictures of the event at the construction trade fair NordBau on Facebook.
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JUNE 2018 - until summer the sized crane will set over 150 wooden modules weighing almost eight tons, from which a special hotel concept is realized in modular construction.
For this purpose, the construction crane stands on a parking level of the Berlin Ring-Center at the Frankfurter Allee. The team planned the provision of the 750 metric tonne giant with a radius of 80 m on a special steel construction and installed it supported by a 500-tonne-mobile crane from BKL's hire fleet.

BKL cranes: 21 LC 750, LTM 1500-8.1

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February 2018 - It is important to us to offer the right crane for your project at all times. That is, why we have a new crane type for you: the 450 tonne mobile crane LTM 1450-8.1.

It is characterized by an 85-metre telescopic boom and a short set-up time - the crane for giant jobs. You are interested in the newcomer? Please contact us: or +49 841 881315-300. DATA SHEET


January 2018 - Rent our tower cranes and mobile cranes as well as loader and mobile construction cranes also in Rosenheim, as example for your construction project in the Alpine region and Austria. Of course, all services like crane assembly, transports and asseccories, spare parts and more are provided together with expert advice - as is usual with BKL.

Our team in Rosenheim is looking forward to your project: or +49 8031 2261040.