Flat-top cranes with peak Performance.

Fast, powerful and far-reaching: the top-slewing cranes from Comansa, the manufacturer who has specialised in the construction of flat-top tower cranes for many years. Whether you are looking to purchase or hire, you stand to benefit from their reliability and particularly good price-to-performance ratio.

After all, most flat-top cranes offer extra radius in their performance class, extremely high speeds on the one hand and optimal load capacities on the other, thanks to their 2/4-fall technology. Comansa's double trolley system enables an automatic reeving change. Put it to the test on your next building site. With cranes ranging from 90 to 1050 metric tonnes, our fleet has the solution in every performance class.

Now over 1,000 tonne-metres!

With a maximum load capacity of 50 tonnes, Comansa's 21LC1050 is one of the most powerful flat-top hire cranes in Germany. Naturally, it is available from BKL – with 80 m radius and 80 m hook height, for example. On request 90 m max. radius.

Quick and efficient.

If efficiency is your top priority at every level, this is the crane for you. Our Comansa cranes are equipped with frequency converters, which has a positive impact all round, from site equipment to your electricity bill. The 2/4-fall technology and user-friendly automatic reeving changeover enable full speed operations at all times. This means that, for lighter loads (up to about 50 % of the maximum load) in 2-fall mode, you can make full use of high material handling speeds. When lifting heavier loads, reeving takes less than a minute.


Over the years, the flat-top cranes in our hire fleet have proven effective due to their robust, functional design and reduced vulnerability to breakdowns. However, should the crane stop running for whatever reason, you can count on our service team and well stocked spare parts depot. In an emergency, our 24-hour call-out service is on standby in Germany. Service

Superior design.

Comansa's tower cranes tick all the right boxes, not just for their excellent price-to-performance ratio. Their sophisticated construction means that many of their components – designed for reliability – can be used on different types of crane. In other words, the jib and tower sections, as well as drive and transmission systems, fit all cranes in a particular series. Not only does this keep procurement costs and storage space to a minimum, it also reduces parts management and makes handling easier.

Comansa flat-top cranes at BKL:

Type of craneLoad torque im mtRadius in mMaximum load capacity in tPeak load in t

Give them a whirl today!

Regardless of whether you want to hire a flat-top crane or simply test it for starters – BKL's Comansa cranes are an excellent choice. Of course, we can help you find a financing partner.


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